Special Forum

The subject of interests versus values figures importantly in queries on international relations in Northeast Asia. Four prime examples are: 1) What is driving the tensions in Sino-US relations, and how should the US respond to China’s perceived ideological challenge? 2) Is Abe Shinzo driven by national interests or national identity in foreign policy, and how is today’s deterioration in Japan-ROK relations affecting the balance between the two? 3) In making a choice between the United States and North Korea in his diplomacy, how does Moon Jae-in weigh the importance of national interests and values, and what should be driving the broader framework of ROK foreign policy? And 4) is the close Sino-Russian strategic partnership motivated by interests or values, and, looking back at the Sino-Russian-US triangle, what lessons can be drawn for the future? The four articles in this Special Forum seek answers to these tantalizing questions. 

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