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Sino-US relations were brought to the fore with clashing speeches at the UN General Assembly by Xi Jinping and Trump. The ideological nature of the conflict was only growing more intense, Japan’s handling of this conflict was foremost on people’s minds as Suga Yoshihide was questioned about how he would steer Japanese foreign policy, while some searched in vain for a sign that he and Moon Jae-in could reset Japan-ROK bilateral relations. The rising tension in Sino-Indian relations as both sides fortified their forces near the Himalayan line of control drew much commentary too, Kim Jong-un’s intentions during the US presidential election season were on the minds of some, as was the Putin-Trump bond should Trump gain a second term. As the pandemic lingered, opening the way for China to gain ground, attention was shifting to Biden, whose lead over Trump in the polls kept growing as he eschewed foreign policy issues.

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