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As the strategic significance of Asia increases with the region’s economic and diplomatic influence, and as analyses broaden in geographic scope by devoting greater attention to India and Southeast Asia in addition to the traditional players in Northeast Asia, growing uncertainty complicates the region’s prospects for maintaining peace and extending prosperity. In particular, tensions involving emotionally held and politically operative beliefs about identity threaten to destabilize the Asian model of delinking politics from economics and promoting business and trade expansion to raise living standards. The risks of miscommunication and unintended escalation in Asia because of identity conflicts over history, territory, and regional leadership are arguably the greatest questions for the region’s future. This Special Forum brings together scholars from different disciplines, representing various university and think tank projects and examining myriad national cases, to provide new insights on these identity questions.

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Leif-Eric Easley
Leif-Eric Easley


Leif-Eric EASLEY 박사는 아산정책연구원의 객원연구위원이자, 이화여자대학교의 국제학부 부교수이다. 이화여대에서는 국제안보와 정치경제를 가르치고 있으며, 주요 연구분야는 민족 정체성과 동북아시아 안보관계 내 신뢰변화이다. 미국 Stanford University 쇼렌스타인 아시아-태평양 연구소 (APARC)에서 Northeast Asian History Fellow를 지냈으며, 연세대학교와 미국 University of Southern California 한국학 연구소의 Visiting Scholar였다. 아산정책연구원과 국제전략연구소 태평양포럼(CSIS)에서 진행하는 여러 Track II diplomacy에 참여하고 있다. 미국 Harvard University에서 박사학위를 취득하였다.